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Catering Menu

Party Platters

(priced per tray)

Queso Dip

with chips.

Small $45  Large $60

Shrimp Cocktail

Premium quality cooked shrimp, peeled, Deveined and ready to eat.  A perfect pleaser

Large - $135.00
Small - $75.00

Buffalo Wings

Our ever popular chicken wings tossed in your favorite sauce

Large - $80.00
Small - $45.00

Lil' Smokies

We marinate our smokies in our very own bbq sauce

Large - $75.00
Small - $40.00

Chicken Tender Bites

Tender & juicy boneless stirps of chicken piled high and served with your choice of dipping sauce

Large $80.00
Small - $45.0

Spinach Dip

Creamy blend of spinach, beure blanc sauce and seasonings served hot or cold

Large - $75.00
Small - $40.00

Garden Spot

A bountiful harvest of fresh vegetables with a creamy ranch dip

Large - $60.00
Small - $40.00

Fruit Platter

Small $40

Large $60


BBQ Pork or BBQ Chicken.

Choose your favorite toppings

Large - $125.00
Small - $75.00

Brownie Tray

Fresh backed double chocolate chunk brownies lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar

Large - $75.00
Small - $40.00

Stuffed Mushrooms

Our baked & mouth watering mushrooms are always a crowd pleaser

Large - $90.00
Small - $50.00

Chicken & Waffles

Belgian waffles with sugar crystals, topped with hand-breaded chicken tenders, served with syrup.

Large - $100
Small - $55


Bite-sized meatballs served in our tangy Jack Daniels BBQ sauce or made swedish style

Large - $80.00
Small - $45.00


Ham, roast beef and turkey wrapped with lettuce & sauce in a flour tortilla

Large - $75.00
Small - $40.00

Salsa & Chips

A flavorful salsa combined with our tri colored crispy corn tortillas

Large - $50.00 (unlimited refills)
Small - $30.

Meat & Cheese Medley

Savory ham, roast beef and smoked turkey with an assortment of cheeses, sweet pickles and olives

Large - $80.00
Small - $50.

Cheese and Crackers

Assorted cheeses surrounding a creamy cheesy ball and served with a variety of crackers

Large - $65.00
Small - $45.00

Ham Spreads

A tasty blend of special seasoning melted over sliced honey ham.  Served on a toasted yeast roll

Large - $115.00
Small - $65.00

Chicken Salad Croissants

Our homemade chicken salad served in a fresh baked croissant

Large - $125.00
Small - $75.00


Fresh baked cookies.  Choose from several flavors 

Large - $60.00
Small - $35.00

We will happily assist you in ordering the correct amount of food for your party.
Please feel free to contact Jack Estes (423)967-7327 or Annette Estes (423)967-4131